New York, 17 March 2022 (TDI): Saima Saleem, Counselor Pakistan Mission to the UN presented Pakistan’s stance at the Commission on the Status of Women, The Commission will hold its sixty-sixth session from March 14 to 25, 2022.  

The theme, “Achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls will be in the context of climate change, environmental, and disaster risk reduction policies and programs.” 

In the response to the Indian statement, she highlighted that “the Kashmiri people will decide the ‘final disposition of the state of Jammu and Kashmir through a fair and impartial plebiscite held under UN auspices, as required in several Security Council resolutions.”

She added, “since the fascist RSS-BJP government’s unilateral and illegal actions on 5 August 2019, India’s 900,000 occupation forces in occupied Kashmir – the ‘densest’ occupation in history – have escalated their oppression of 8 million Kashmiri men, women, and children in the world’s largest ‘open-air prison’.” 

Saima Saleem used her right of reply to the Indian claims, saying that it was India that was perpetrating a reign of terror against its minority. “The practitioners of Hindutva ideology who currently control India have unrobed the mask of secularism to unveil the genuine face of Indian fascism,” she claimed.

Saima Saleem added that the world’s “biggest democracy” had devolved into a bastion of Hindutva hate, violence, terror, and Islamophobia. According to Saima Saleem, in India, defenseless Muslims are lynched by cow vigilantes and killed in pogroms led by RSS ‘brown-shirt’ thugs.

Moreover, members of India’s minorities, including Christians, Sikhs, and Dalits, are persecuted by Hindu fundamentalists; the criminal perpetrators of the Gujarat and Delhi pogroms enjoy state office and patronage; and the desecration of mosques, including the Babri Mosque, the Citizenship Amendment Act aims to purge India of its Muslims.

Hijab is banned for Muslim women, Muslim women and girls are deprived of their right to education, anti-Muslim social media trolls of “Corona Jihad” rule the internet; and the ruling RSS-BJP leaders call Muslims ‘termites’ and the ‘green virus’, and calls for genocide of Muslims have become a new normal. 

She further said, “on behalf of Kashmiri women, we ask the world, we beg this Commission, to demand that India end its state terrorism against Pakistan, against Kashmiris, and against its own minority. We ask the world to hold India accountable for its atrocities, particularly against millions of Kashmiri women.”