Islamabad, 21 June 2022 (TDI): Chief of the Naval Staff of Pakistan, Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi, shared a message on the occasion of World Hydrography Day.

World Hydrography Day (WHD) is observed internationally on the 21st of June each year,

The Naval Chief urged all maritime stakeholders to work together to raise consciousness of the value of hydrography and activities linked to it.

Subsequently, he noted that it “will strongly contribute towards sustainable seas and growth of the national economy through enhanced trade and utilisation of marine resources.”

Generally, the purpose of the day is to honor the hydrography-related work done to assist safe port and open-water operations. The International Hydrographic Organization announces a special subject connected to the role of hydrography in global maritime affairs each year.

The Organization announces a special theme connected to the role of hydrography in global maritime affairs each year. Accordingly, this year’s theme is “One Hundred Years of International Cooperation in Hydrography”. It chiefly highlights the advancements in science and technology over the previous century.

Furthermore, the annual commemoration of this day highlights the significance of hydrography, which is essential to nearly every marine activity. These activities include disaster management, economic growth, security and defense, environmental protection, port and harbor building, and safety of passage.

According to Admiral Niazi, Pakistan, like other coastal governments, is in charge of conducting hydrographic surveys. It creates nautical charts and maps of its seas in order to give seafarers reliable nautical information. The Pakistan Navy Hydrographic Department (PNHD) has carried out this international duty on behalf of Pakistan.

Geographical realities:

Pakistan is fortunate to have over 1000 km of coastline and 240,000 sq km of sea space inside its Exclusive Economic Zone (Exclusive Economic Zone).

In addition, the acceptance of an expanded marine area of 50.000 Sq kms by the appropriate UN body in 2015 was made possible in large part by PNHD and other pertinent national organizations.

The completion of coastal surveys and the mapping of Pakistan’s entire coast are two of the PNHD’s major accomplishments. Decades passed throughout this procedure. Also, the division has made a substantial contribution to the growth of national ports and other marine facilities all along the coast.

Pakistan as Coordinator for NAVARES-IX

Pakistan is there to carry the national obligations of the NAVAREA-IX coordinator. This includes the North Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf, and Red Sea region.

Moreover, PNS BEHR MASAH, a new survey ship, was added to the naval fleet in 2019 to increase the navy’s national survey capabilities.

Every year, Pakistan observes this Day to highlight the relevance of hydrography in all marine and maritime-related operations. Consequently, it makes a substantial contribution to our country’s economy.

The United Nations Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development

The United Nations Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) emphasizes the importance of hydrography.

It underpins almost every sea-related activity, including navigation safety, economic development, security and defense, and environmental protection.

Also, it includes scientific research, resource exploitation, disaster management, maritime boundary delimitation, and integrated coastal zone management.