Washington DC, 28 January 2023: Pakistani Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan met with Linda Sanchez, representative of California in Congress at the Pakistan embassy in the US.

Both sides discussed ways to strengthen Pakistan and United States relations in prospect of a bright future and common interest.

Ambassador Masood Khan added that Pakistan is working closely with the US to develop a climate resilient ecosystem.

Further He said, “the recent initiatives, namely, ‘Green Alliance and Climate Smart Agriculture’ would benefit farmers and create a framework for conserving water, building small dams and improving yields of staple crops like wheat, rice and cotton”.

Both sides will leverage Pakistan-US partnership to transition to renewables, water conservation and efficient use of water.

In the discussion US policymakers, members of the think-tank community, intelligentsia and area experts participated.

Pakistan ecosystem

As Pakistan’s entire ecosystem is sensitive to extreme weather systems.

Pakistan with the help of the United States and other International financial institutions have initiated reforms for water conservation, transition to modern agricultural technologies, re-afforestation, waste-water management and water metering.

Ambassador Masood Khan said that Pakistan, fully aware of the serious challenges being faced in the fields of energy and water security, was taking consistent steps to improve its power generation through diversification of its energy-mix.

Enhancing agriculture system

Highlighting solid foundations of Pak-US partnership in agriculture, water and energy sectors, Ambassador Khan said that the country was working with the US to improve the efficiency of the agriculture sector and water management.

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Pakistan values the growing interest and exposure of the US private sectors in these areas. Import of US energy and agriculture technology has critical importance for the development of agriculture in Pakistan

The Ambassador also underscored the need for a fair and just distribution of waters under the Indus Waters Treaty which, he said, was key to energy and water security and regional stability.