Islamabad, 11 September 2023 (TDI): Dr. Gohar Ejaz, the Federal Minister for Commerce of Pakistan held a fruitful meeting with a high-level US delegation.

The agenda of the meeting was to explore avenues for increased investment by the Pakistani diaspora in Pakistan’s burgeoning Electric Vehicle (EV), semiconductor, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) sectors.

During the meeting, Dr. Gohar Ejaz expressed his everlasting commitment to facilitating investors for Pakistan’s economic development during the conference.

He stressed that the Pakistani diaspora in the United States (US) is a tremendous asset to the country and emphasized the significance of reintegrating them into Pakistan’s economic success.

In this vein, he stated that “IT is our first priority, and the US diaspora is our asset. We are determined to do whatever it takes to entice our talented US-based Pakistani diaspora to return and contribute to Pakistan’s growth.

I take full ownership of the necessary steps required to achieve this, as was also requested by Ambassador Blome.”

While the US delegation’s discussions were distinguished by a dedication to advancing AI’s future, investigating its broad range of applications, and developing a comprehensive AI national policy.

It is pertinent to note that there are fewer than 6,000 EVs and few charging facilities in Pakistan. Hence, in this context, the delegation also discussed Pakistan’s potential to capitalize on the EV trend.

In addition, the development of domestic EV solutions in Pakistan was a key topic of debate, and duty exemptions were suggested as a way to encourage R&D (Research and Development) operations.

Likewise, the group emphasized the urgent need for an AI Policy to steer the development of the sector as well as a strong Pakistan National Semiconductor Policy.

A National Data Management Policy was also discussed, which is necessary for protecting sensitive data and establishing an atmosphere that is conducive to innovation.

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Dr. Gohar Ejaz also expressed his gratitude for the meeting’s atmosphere of cooperation. He praised Pakistan and the US as having similar goals for the development of EVs, semiconductors, and AI.

These conversations represent a critical step in developing these sectors to their full potential and increasing trade links between the two countries.