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Pakistan-US recalibrate ties, enhance strategic partnership


New Hampshire, 8 June 2024 (TDI): While speaking at the ‘Global in Granite State’ podcast by the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan stated that Pakistan-US have successfully recalibrated their relationship enhancing both the economic and security partnership.

The Ambassador stated that Pakistan can act as a stabilizing bridge between the US and China. In the 1970s, Pakistan also helped the US to open diplomatic channels with China facilitating the visit of the then National Security Advisor Henry A. Kissinger to China.

Ambassador Khan opined that the rapprochement between the US and China would benefit the two countries and the globe.

While referring to regional peace, the Ambassador noted that the shared goal for Pakistan, the US, and all other leading powers is to have peace and stability in the world by resolving all the outstanding disputes.

He underscored that the US is overly aligned with India which is a negation of its traditional policy of maintaining strategic balance in the relationship with South Asian states.

Ambassador Khan recommended that restoring US traditional policy toward South Asian states will help maintain equilibrium and peace in the region.

While commenting on India’s progress, the Ambassador observed that India’s preference should be its neighborhood first and the country should invest in regional connectivity.

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Furthermore, on his stance on Afghanistan Ambassador Khan reiterated that the Taliban government to initiate a grand operation against organizations such as TTP and to delegalize and neutralize them.

Traditionally, Islamabad has friendly ties with Kabul, but the recent terrorist attacks inside Pakistan specifically on the Chinese citizens have caused deterioration.

Zamzam Channa
Zamzam Channa
International Relations Graduate (Gold Medal), Author at The Pakistan Today and The Geopolitical Monitor, Former Research Intern at the Center for International Strategic Studies, Sindh (CISSS)

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