New York, 4 June 2022 (TDI): Unprecedented times call for an unprecedented response from the international community based on the principles of responsibility-sharing & global solidarity.

The Permanent Mission of Pakistan delivered these remarks at the United Nations, New York. Severe violations in situations of illegal occupation with clear UN Security Council mandates can quickly spiral to genocide.

Moreover, they can lead to war crimes and crimes against humanity without international scrutiny and accountability.

The Acting Permanent Representative of Pakistan, Ambassador Aamir Khan, delivered these remarks. He was addressing the General Assembly session earlier today.

Accordingly, the Ambassador also stressed the Security Council to put an end to Indian State Terrorism and for the international community.

In addition, he questioned the double standards of implementation of the UN resolution and said that human rights are being violated.

“Double standards in the implementation of UN resolutions and decisions are a major cause for concern, especially in long-running disputes,” he said.

While referring to the use of live ammunition against the protestors, Khan said that India is committed to serious and systematic violations of international law.

He said that India had deployed 900,000 troops in the valley. They aim to turn the occupied territories into Hindu-majority territories, he said.

Unprecedented Response to Disputed Territory

During the UN Security Council sessions, the Representative of the Pakistani delegate, Muhammad Rashid Sobhani stated that Jammu Kashmir was never a part of India.

Referring to the resolutions of the UN, Sobhani emphasized that Jammu Kashmir has been declared a disputed territory by the Security Council.

Furthermore, he emphasized that India is bound to abide by the UN resolutions and cease violations of international law and Kashmir rights in this territory.

He further added that Pakistan waits for the fulfillment of the promise of justice from international partners.

While referring to Article 370, Sobhani stated that revoking the special status of Jammu Kashmir is a direct violation of the Geneva Convention.

Need for a Peaceful Resolution

The Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) of Pakistan, Asim Iftikhar Ahmed, has urged the international community to play their role in facilitating a peaceful resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute.

In addition, he suggested taking immediate steps according to the relevant UNSC Representatives. He condemned the genocide by Indian armed troops in the Kashmir valley in the past week. He was addressing the weekly briefing session by the MoFA.