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Pakistan urges UN to admit Palestine as full member


New York, 24 January 2024 (TDI): Ambassador Munir Akram stated that Pakistan is demanding the admission of the state of Palestine to the United Nations as a full member to ensure the inevitability of the Two-State solution.

Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations New York, Ambassador Munir Akram on Wednesday made a statement during the ministerial level debate of United Nations Security Council on the “Situation in Middle East, including the Palestinian Question.” 

During his remarks, Ambassador highlighted the brutal aggression of Israeli Defense Forces in Occupied Palestinian territory, specifically Gaza. He said that over the past three months, the world has witnessed the most brutal slaughter of civilians in the twenty first century. 

The Ambassador stated that the Israeli onslaught in Gaza has resulted in the death of over 25,000 civilians, predominantly children and women. Additionally, more than 2 million individuals have been displaced, and the occupying Israeli army is deliberately obstructing humanitarian aid. 

Situation in Middle East 

Furthermore, while commenting on the current situation of middle east, he expressed that as we feared, violence and war has spread to adjacent areas of Palestine, to the Israeli-Lebanon border, to Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. 

Unless the Israeli war machine is stopped, there is every likelihood of further escalation in which many nations may be engulfed.   

Consequently, this brutal and indiscriminate killing of innocents, and the suffering imposed on an entire population of Palestine, amounts to genocide.  

Subsequently, the Israeli occupation forces have violated every tenet of international humanitarian law with impunity, as asserted in the case filed by South Africa in the International Court of Justice. 

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Israel’s refusal to Two State solution

Commenting on Israel’s refusal to the Two State solution, Ambassador urged that the time has come for the United Nations Security Council and entire members of the UN to explore actions that would hold Israel accountable for its persistent rejection of peace. 

Whereas the Israeli refusal of the prospect of Palestinian State will consign Middle East to perpetual conflict. 

The Ambassador underlined that there are numerous precedents for taking measures to persuade compliance with decisions made by the UN Security Council and General Assembly. 

Abdul Momin Rasul
Abdul Momin Rasul
Abdul Momin Rasul is pursuing BS International Relations from the National University of Modern Languages (NUML). The arenas of diplomacy and foreign policy intrigue him to delve deep into analyzing the broader scenario of global affairs. Besides, the author is also exploring the field of media and journalism.

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