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Pakistan Ministry of Commerce inaugurates chilies export to China


Islamabad, 19 December 2023 (TDI): Dr. Gohar Ejaz, the Minister of Commerce and Industries, is pleased to announce a significant breakthrough in Pakistan’s agricultural exports to China with the inaugural shipment of dried chilies.

This momentous achievement made possible through the outstanding efforts of Litong Food Co. Ltd., marks the beginning of a new era in the trade relationship between Pakistan and China.

Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz extended heartfelt congratulations to Litong Food Co. Ltd. for their extraordinary feat and expressed sincere appreciation for the unwavering support of the Chinese government in creating a substantial market for Pakistani goods within China.

“I am delighted to announce that the first-ever consignment of dried chilies is on its way to China. This achievement not only showcases the capabilities of our exporters but also highlights the potential for further collaboration between Pakistani and Chinese businesses,” stated Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz.

The Minister emphasized that the exports of Pakistan’s products to China have the potential to exceed $20 billion in the coming years. However, achieving this ambitious goal requires concerted efforts from Pakistani agricultural exporters. Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz encouraged the exporters to uphold high-quality standards, increase productivity, and implement effective marketing strategies to meet the expectations of the Chinese market.

Acknowledging the crucial role of the Chinese companies in the process, the Minister expressed optimism about the prospects of collaboration. “If our companies can meet the standards set by the Chinese authorities, our exports can soar. I congratulate the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of National Food Security and Research, the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, and our Mission in China for their dedicated work in finalizing protocols and completing compliance formalities in just four months,” added Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz.

Benefiting from the Pakistan-China Free Trade Agreement, Pakistan enjoys a competitive edge with zero tariffs, giving it a unique position in the region. The Minister highlighted the immense potential for growth in the Chinese market, especially in the agricultural sector, and urged the adoption of new technologies such as hybrid seeds and openness to corporate farming.

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Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz expressed gratitude to the Chinese counterparts for their warm reception during his recent visit to China. “Our Chinese brothers have opened their doors for us, be it the Ministry of Commerce, the Agriculture Ministry, COFCO—the largest agricultural goods importer with $100 billion worth of imports—or the mayors of the cities we visited.

The enduring Pak-China relationship has withstood the test of time, and this dried chili export will pave the way for Pakistani agricultural goods to reach new markets in China,” concluded Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz.

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