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Pakistan, Lebanon signs MoU to strengthen media ties


Beirut, 11 January 2024 (TDI): To strengthen media ties, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation between the Audio-Visual Council of Lebanon (CAN) and the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) was signed in Beirut during a ceremony held at the CAN office.

The MOU seeks to nurture friendly relations and cooperation between the two regulatory bodies in Pakistan and Lebanon.

Abdul Hadi Mahfouz, President of the National Audiovisual Council of Lebanon, represented the Lebanese side, and Salman Athar, Ambassador of Pakistan to Lebanon, inked the document on behalf of PEMRA.

Delivering remarks on the occasion, Abdul Hadi Mahfouz conveyed hopefulness that the signing of the MoU would forge strong and sustainable ties between Pakistan and Lebanon.

He further pointed out cordial relations between the two countries and stressed the significant benefits that would arise from effective collaboration in the field of electronic media on both issues.

Ambassador Salman Athar, during his remarks, extended congratulations to both sides for signing the MoU.

The ambassador brought attention to the mutual support on various regional and global issues. He amplified the main objectives of the MoU, emphasizing the establishment of a mechanism to enhance communication, exchange experiences, and share information in the field of electronic media.

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He underscored that Pakistan and Lebanon maintain a fraternal bond, grounded in shared values that form the cornerstone of their relationships.

On the occasion of this monumental consensus, Chairman PEMRA, Muhammad Saleem Baig, expressed his gratitude to Abdul Hadi Mahfouz for his initiative and for bringing both organizations closer to cooperation.

Additionally, he emphasized the MoU would give a positive push to the media industry and would straighten cordial relations between the media entities of the two countries.

The knowledge transfer mechanism as well as the experience between both regulatory bodies would facilitate understanding and adapting new trends, techniques, and strategies in the media industry for both authorities.

Saudha Hira
Saudha Hira
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