Islamabad, 6 November 2023 (TDI): The Pakistan hockey team is gearing up for a momentous challenge as they prepare to participate in the FIH Olympic Qualifying Rounds scheduled to take place in Oman from January 15 to 21, according to an announcement by the International Hockey Federation (FIH).

In an official press release, the FIH unveiled the detailed schedule for the Olympic qualifying rounds, where eight nations, including Pakistan, will vie for a chance to secure their spot in the highly anticipated Olympic Games.

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The participating teams in this prestigious event include England, Germany, New Zealand, Malaysia, Canada, Chile, and China, along with Pakistan, each determined to demonstrate their hockey prowess on the international stage.

The FIH has structured the Olympic qualifying rounds by organizing separate pools in different countries to ensure fair and competitive play. Pakistan has been assigned to Pool B, where they will face formidable opponents in their quest for an Olympic berth.

The road to the Olympics is a challenging one, and only the top three teams from each pool will earn the coveted opportunity to compete on the grandest sporting stage at the Olympics. The competition promises to be fierce as the teams vie for their place among the world’s best.