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Pakistan extends heartiest felicitations on Australia Day


As the calendar marks the 26th of January, Australia’s chosen day for reflection and celebration, Pakistan extends its heartiest felicitations to the Australian people and government.

Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri, the Pakistani High Commissioner to Australia, also sends warm congratulations to the government and people of Australia on the National Day of the Commonwealth of Australia.

This date, etched in history by the First Fleet’s arrival in 1788, symbolizes the birth of the nation. In the present, the Australia Day Council organize events acknowledging Australian contributions, prompting reflection on past injustices, particularly towards Indigenous Australians, and celebrating the diverse achievements of the nation.

This day, characterized by community awards and citizenship ceremonies, not only honors Australia’s rich diversity but also its commitment to continually shaping a society that respects and adore its multifaceted history and peoples.

Many people celebrate the holiday with barbecues and trips to the beach, and it is also a popular date for immigrants to receive their Australian citizenship.

Anthony Albanese Message on this Special Day

Albanese wants Australia to be a ‘microcosm.’ In Canberra, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese extends his congratulations to those who were becoming citizens on this special day.

“Joining our Australian family, joining us as proud citizens of the greatest country on Earth, and writing the newest chapter in a 75-year story that has seen more than 6 million people take up citizenship. It is such a great honor for me as prime minister to be able to personally welcome you to the family.”

Albanese stated he wanted Australia to be a “microcosm” for the world, where people respect each other and celebrate each other.

Although this day is seen as a celebration for many, it is also commemorated by many who refer to the day as Invasion Day.

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Australia Day is seen as a time for celebration, marking the nation’s history and cultural diversity. It’s marked by events like barbecues, fireworks, and public gatherings, symbolizing national pride and unity.

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