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Pakistan Consul General visits Kansas to discuss Pak-US relations


Kansas, 23 December 2023 (TDI ): Tariq Karim, Consul General of Pakistan to Chicago, visited Kansas, addressed a community event, and discussed Pakistan-US Relations and Investment Opportunities.

He praises the crucial role of the Pakistani-American community in the socio-economic development of both countries. Additionally, he provides insights into the consular services offered by the Consulate.

At the event hosted by the International Relations Council (IRC) in Kansas, Consul General Tariq Karim delivers a speech on Pakistan’s ties with the US Midwest Region.

Within his remarks, he emphasized the enduring importance of Pakistan-US Relations and Investment Opportunities. He draws attention to the continuous growth in economic, trade, and cultural linkages between Pakistan and the Midwest region.

Furthermore, He elaborates on the important role that the diaspora community plays in shaping and enhancing these connections. He encourages them to stand united and portray Pakistan’s true positive image.

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Consul General Tariq Karim, during his meeting with Mayor Curt Skoog of Overland Park in Kansas, conveys his delight.

During their meeting, they discussed promoting mutually beneficial economic and civic ties, as well as strengthening people-to-people connections between Pakistan and Overland Park.

Consul General takes the opportunity to brief the mayor comprehensively on existing business opportunities within Pakistan. He emphasized the importance of exploring investment prospects in the region.

He also presented his idea of arranging a sister city partnership between Overland Park and one of the cities in Pakistan.

Consul General Tariq Karim addressed an exclusive business round table organized by World Trade Center-Kansas City, focused on discussion on “Doing Business with Pakistan.”

In his remarks, Consul General underscored Pakistan as a crucial business and investment destination. He passionately encouraged businessmen at the round table to explore and invest in the opportunities that Pakistan presents.




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