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Opening ceremony of SCO Festival of National Cuisine in Dushanbe


Dushanbe: 19 July 2021-(TDI):  On the 16th of July 2021, the Festival of National Cuisine of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Countries was organized in Bagh I Iram Dushanbe. All the diplomatic and consular emissaries of the SCO bloc were cordially invited by the embassy. The ambassador of Pakistan, Imran Haider also attended the Festival.

The Pakistan Embassy, in collaboration with the Serena Hotel, attended the SCO Food Festival at Bagh I Iram Dushanbe. Chefs from Serena Pakistan created an array of Pakistani food for the event, which was well-received by all attendees.

A significant number of Tajiks, including local dignitaries, members of the diplomatic community, host government functionaries, and the Pakistani community in Dushanbe, were observed in the ceremony. The National festival not only served to entertain the foreign representatives but also to link subjective emotions and sentiments of the representatives with the food of Pakistan, enjoying/experiencing the culture of Pakistan in Tajikistan. The successful hosting of the festival in coordination with Pakistan with its exotic tastes has shored up the cordial bilateral ties of the countries.


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