Kunming, May 21, 2022 (TDI)  The online photo exhibition for “Fragrant Tea·Beautiful Landscape” was launched online on May 21.

It displayed the tea culture, natural scenery, cultural customs, and the tea-producing areas in Yunnan, China, and South Asia with nearly 100 brilliant photographs, promoting cultural exchanges and mutual learning on tea between China and South Asia.

Tea Exhbition

May 21 is the International Tea Day. In December 2019, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed May 21 as the International Tea Day to celebrate the economic, social, and cultural value of tea and promote sustainable development of global agriculture.

Various tea trees in the world all originate in Yunnan, China. In ancient times, horse caravans carrying tea as the main commodity crossed the Lancang River, Nujiang River, and Red River, climbed Hengduan Mountains, Ailao Mountains, and Himalaya Mountains, and reached South Asia and Southeast Asia, carving out the Southern Silk Road- the Ancient Tea Horse Road.

Thus, Chinese tea trees were introduced to Assam and Darjeeling at the southern foot of the Himalayas, and then to Ceylon (the old name of Sri Lanka) and other places, where the world-famous Assam black tea, Darjeeling black tea, and Ceylon black tea came into being.

How did a magical Chinese leaf leap over the folded region of human civilization, take root in foreign lands, and achieve the current tea culture pattern between China and South Asian countries?

The online photo exhibition for “Fragrant Tea·Beautiful Landscape” adopted Internet technology to build an online 3D exhibition hall to display the tea culture, natural scenery, and cultural customs along the tea producing areas of China and South Asia with diverse and simple pictures. It aims to promote the integration of the tourism industry and tea industry and boost the international communication and exchange on tea culture.

The reporter entered the online 3D picture scroll exhibition hall by scanning the QR code with the mobile phone, which is divided into five chapters: Yunnan of China, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, and Pakistan.

The exhibition displayed nearly 100 photographs, including The Ancient Tea Horse Road, Jingmai Mountain Ancient Tea Tree, Tea Art Performance, Tea Picking Girl in Sri Lanka, Ganges Pilgrimage in Varanasi, India, Patan Durbar Square in Nepal, Lahore in Pakistan, etc.

The online photo exhibition is one of the Cultural Exchange Events – Sri Lanka of 2022“Beautiful China, Colorful Yunnan” and International Tea Day Activities, which is jointly sponsored by the Information Office of Yunnan Provincial People’s Government and the Foreign Affairs Office of Yunnan Provincial People’s Government. The activities this time will be held online and offline simultaneously, including exchanges and promotions, on-site tea tastings, expert forums, theme exhibitions, etc.

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