The Diplomatic Insight in collaboration with Rawalpindi Arts Council (RAC) organized Nowruz Festival along with an exhibition of photographs on Pakistan Movement at premises of RAC. The festival, having stalls depicting culture of all federating units and Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan, and other countries including Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The main objective of the festival was to exchange culture with nations. There was a beautiful podium of Pakistani stall as the occasion was coincided with Pakistan Day. Local artisans displayed their handmade works at Pakistani stall thus winning the hearts of not only local people but those foreigners attending the festival as well.

The festival that was inaugurated was visited by a large number of people from all walks of life including ambassadors and diplomats of various countries.

Folk singer Qurban Niazi and his companions, and local bands of Rawalpindi and Islamabad also performed on the occasion. Besides cultural stalls of various countries, stalls of the Punjab Tourism Development Corporation, woodcraft works, calligraphy, truck art, embroidery and others were also set up. RAC’s former director Naheed Manzoor, accompanied by diplomats from Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Cyprus, and RAC Resident Director Waqar Ahmed inaugurated the festival.

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