Islamabad, 6 July 2023 (TDI): On July 5th, a high-level parliamentary delegation from Pakistan commenced their 9-day visit to China, embarking on a journey to strengthen the bonds between the two nations.

The delegation’s first stop was at the China Institute for International and Development Studies (CIIDS), where a productive think tank dialogue took place, marking the beginning of a promising exchange of ideas.

Embracing Community of Shared Future

During the think tank dialogue at CIIDS, Zheng Bijian, Founding Chairman of CIIDS and Chairman of its academic committee, emphasized, “Before us is not the so-called ‘end of history,’ but the beginning of a new era— the community of shared future.”

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This era encompasses profound transformations, including China’s peaceful rise, the decline of the West, and the evolution of Pakistan and China as they stand united in their endeavors.

China and Pakistan Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation

Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Pakistani Senator and head of the delegation, expressed the significance of the think tank dialogue in strengthening the long-standing, all-weather friendship between China and Pakistan.

Both sides agreed that the dialogue serves as an excellent opportunity to deepen bilateral cooperation and explore avenues for collaboration in various domains.