Copenhagen, 2 September 2022 (TDI): Foreign Ministers of the Nordic countries; Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland held a meeting to promote democracy. The meeting took place on 1 September 2022.

The Foreign Ministers discussed that recent studies showed that democracy performs better than autocracy in domains like global peace, sustainable development, and human health. It is needed to defend democracy because it benefits all in the world.

They emphasized that democratic advancements of the previous thirty years have been eradicated. This indicates that the level of democracy on the globe has returned to its Berlin Wall condition.

Likewise, the participants reiterated that either democracy or development shouldn’t be taken for granted because they are intertwined. The decline of democracy posed a serious risk to the health of the shared planet, global peace, and sustainable development.

Inaction on the climate issue, the rise in conflicts, economic downturns, escalating inequality, and opposition to gender equality and human rights are all indications of this threat.

Significance of Democracy

Foreign Ministers of Nordic countries highlighted the importance of democracy during discussions. They said that global peace and security would be considerably increased if democracy became the norm once again.

Democracy encourages security. In democratic states, civil wars are significantly less likely to occur and, when they do occur, they are less devastating.

Moreover, the Foreign Ministers said that to reduce the environmental and climate problem, democracy is essential. In comparison to autocracies, democracies dedicate roughly 20% more policy efforts to reducing global warming.

Democratic states also implemented stricter national environmental regulations. The Paris Agreement can be implemented more effectively in democracies.

Further, they highlighted that economic and social progress requires democracy. Democracies often have stronger economic growth than autocracies do.

In the 25 years that followed democratization, countries saw a rise of around 20% in GDP per capita. Democracy offers tools for more equal economic development that lowers poverty.

Lastly, they added that women’s political representation and engagement rise in democracies. Peace and the political empowerment of women are intimately related.

In nations where women have full authority, the annual chance of civil violence falls from around 30% in the least gender-equal country to about 5%. In democratic states, gender equality is considerably more likely to be the rule.

Nordic counties to intensify effort for democracyย 

Foreign Ministers of Nordic countries stated that all the states need to take collective action to protect democracy. They decided to intensify their efforts to make the case for democracy as a global norm.

They stressed the Summit for Democracy, International IDEA, and the Community of Democracies is an important intergovernmental forum for cooperation among democracies. They will seek to build stronger alliances in the region and work together for democracy.