Abuja, 4 August 2022 (TDI): The Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari receives delegates from the US and Sun Africa LLC. The meeting was held at his residence at Aso Villa in Abuja.

Agenda of the Meeting

The meeting mainly focused on discussing the government-to-government power projects that the Nigerian government has recently launched. It also aimed to complement the PPI Nigeria i.e. Presidential Power Initiative and other initiatives.

The initiative of renewable solar energy was also discussed. It is an association led by Sun Africa which is a renewable energy solutions company. This initiative also involves the US government represented by the US Exim Bank.

PPI Nigeria

This Presidential Power Initiative aims to deal with Nigeria’s energy, electricity, and power problems. This initiative was a result of cooperation between Germany and Nigeria.

When German Chancellor, Angela Merkel visited Nigeria in 2018, the two nations agreed on cooperation in several areas. This led to cooperation in the power sector and resolving power issues while expanding power capacity for the future.

Nigeria’s Energy Crisis

Nigeria is a state that has been dealing with energy problems for quite some time. The Ministry of Power of Nigeria blames it on the poor infrastructure, vandalism acts against the installation of oil.

They also believe it is due to poor supply or disruption in the supply of water & gas to the power plants. Recently, from February to March 2022 very less energy was generated in the country. This was due to less rainfall that feeds its power plants & generates electricity.

Till now there have been various disruptions in this whole process mainly due to the Covid-19 gap and the poor infrastructure and low gas supply issues etc.

However, by December 2022, the PPI is designed to increase the power supply by 7,000 MW from the current 5,000 MW average. Additionally, it will increase to 11,000 MW and then 25,000 MW gradually.