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New Sustainable Development Goals Moment: UN Women Asia Pacific


Bangkok, 24 September 2021 (TDI): UN Women Asia Pacific has started the Sustainable Development Goal moment and they shared a number of Sustainable Development Goals to ensure gender equality in the region.

The Goals are designed on the proper facts like goal number 9 is related to the industry, innovation, and infrastructure. This goal explains how women’s participation is low despite having enough opportunities. For example, women have less access to jobs in the field of technology, engineering, and information services than men despite tons of opportunities present in the region.

The website also shares some amazing information and facts like new technologies and the growing digital economy in ASEAN create a job market for young women and women with children. They also share a piece of information in the same tweet which explains “Men are times as likely as women to be employed in the ASEAN Member States.

Furthermore, they have shared that a reasonable switch to renewable energy is urgent as women’s health and resilience are challenged by the extensive use of toxic fuels in industry and households. As Sustainable Development Goals are important and for that efforts are needed to promote among others, young women engagements to create more opportunities for them.

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