Netherlands lifts Afghan refugees from Islamabad

Flag of Netherlands, Northwestern Europe

Amsterdam, 08 October 2021 (TDI): The Dutch Foreign Ministry revealed that a German chartered plane carrying Afghan refugees flew from Islamabad to Hanover, Germany. Their final destination will be the Netherlands.

These refugees traveled to Islamabad from Afghanistan on land. In Islamabad, they were provided with assistance from the Dutch embassy. After processing their necessary documents, they were boarded on a plane to Hanover city in Germany. They will be received in Germany and then prepared for travel to the Netherlands. The Dutch Foreign Ministry also thanked the German Foreign Ministry for cooperating on this matter.

Earlier, Netherlands had arranged a flight for Afghan refugees with their final destination in Germany.

The Dutch Foreign Ministry stated in a Press Release that the Netherlands will continue to bring eligible Afghan refugees to the Netherlands. It also stated that Dutch Foreign Ministry along with the United Nations is constantly observing the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan. According to Dutch sources, the Netherlands has given refuge to more than 1500 Afghan refugees.

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