Tallinn, 19 April 2022 (TDI): NATO Cooperation Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) is launching Locked Shields Exercise 2022 to strengthen the cyber security measures among its allies.

NATO is organizing this largest international live-fire Cyber-defense exercise from 19th-22nd April 2022 in Tallinn.

Cyber experts worldwide will participate in this International event to protect civilian national, and military IT systems and critical infrastructure in massive cyberattack situations.

Locked Shields  Exercise

The annual real-time network defense, also termed “Locked Shields Exercise,” is an excellent platform to protect IT infrastructure from international threats.

The practice is organized under intense pressure, with several teams countering cyberattacks. This exercise provides a unique opportunity for a corporation not only for civilians and the military but also among public and private stakeholders.

This activity will also facilitate the exchange of extraordinary, tactical, and collaborative measures for strategic decision-making during cyber-attacks.

The exercise has been designed to challenge the existing security environment and measures. This year, the scenario has been made in which a fictional island ‘Berylia’ is under cyber security threat.

The situation makes the geopolitical strategy used to draw realistic challenges unlikely to take place in isolation. Hostile events coincide with coordinated cyberattacks against Berylian military and civilian IT systems.

The designed activity will bring alliance and technical experts worldwide, including war-struck Ukraine. The competition this year is vital for the participant countries as the cyber defense has been on high alert since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

“Like-minded countries have to work together to protect themselves,” remarked the International Policy adviser in the Cyber Policy unit of Estonia’s Ministry of Defense, Anett Numa.

This exercise provides insightful scope and depth of cooperation between international organizations, academia, and industrial stakeholders.

The training has been coordinated and organized by collaborating with NATO, Siemens, TalTech; Clarified Security; Arctic Security; CR14.

The Centre also acknowledged the unique elements added to Locked Shields 2022 by Microsoft, the Financial Service Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS ISAC), SpaceIT, and Fortinet.

The industrial partners and NATO CCDCOE have spent more than six months preparing for the mega event.

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