Myanmar situation addressed at UNGA

UN Building at the UNGA 76, where the Rapporteur addressed the countries on Myanmar situation
UN Building at the UNGA 76, where the Rapporteur addressed the countries on Myanmar situation

New York, 25 October 2021 (TDI): UN Rapporteur on Human rights situation, Tom Andrews, warned the General Assembly; of the situation in Myanmar. Andrews stated that Myanmar could be on the eve of a human rights catastrophe.

Andrews also warned that human rights catastrophe includes loss of life. This is because the military board is deploying 10,000 troops, and heavy weapons to Northern Myanmar. He reminded that this tactics are similar to those that the board employed before. As they were employed before the attacks against the Rohingya in Rakhine State in 2016, and 2017.

Andrews stated that he received information that those troops were moving to North, and northwest regions. He then urged the States to deny the military board: money, weapons and legitimacy. As all of these is necessary for the board to hold the citizens hostage, with systematic human rights violations; and brutal attacks.

Andrews then pointed that the recent release of thousands of political prisoners, as evidence that pressuring the board works. Because without pressure, and denying the board for their needs, the release would not have been possible.

He then referred to the recent announcement of the ASEAN summit. Andrews stated that ASEAN’s announcement was that the board wont be welcomed at the Summit. He remarks that this presents a strike to the heart of the board.

Andrews presented his findings to the General Assembly. Where he stated that since the coup, the military board has engaged in probable crimes against humanity. He reiterated the global call for the Security Council.

Myanmar military board forces
Myanmar military board forces

That call is to impose an arms embargo on Myanmar. Andrews then stressed the need to increase financial pressure on the board. He then mentioned that sanctions have not impacted the ability of the board to seize State revenues; and foreign exchange.

Andrews encouraged Member States to follow the call of civil organizations within Myanmar. That call is to impose sanctions on Myanmar Oil, and Gas Enterprise. Andrews stated that targeting the needs of the board; and to increase humanitarian support is urgent.

Finally, he reported that since the coup, forces of the board have murdered over 1100 people. That they have displaced a quarter million, arbitrarily detained 8000, where many of them have been tortured, dozens to death. He even delivered reports that the board even tortured children.

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