Rabat, 18 November 2022 (TDI): Morocco is 67 years today as the Moroccan people commemorate, this 18th of November 2022, as the national day of the Kingdom of Morocco.

This day constitutes a milestone in the history of Morocco and an occasion to evoke the great sacrifices that were made to defend the country’s unity and sovereignty.

It has always been a historic day for the people of Morocco as they seek to look at ways those of the past fought for their great country.

Moroccans across the globe and including the Ambassador of Morocco to Bulgaria, Zakia El Midaoui used this day to encourage every Moroccan to continue to be patriotic and loyal to their country

She added that this day marks a day to highlight the permanent mobilization of Moroccans, the Monarchy, citizens, and actors of the political, economic, and other civil society organizations for a path of success, solidarity, and unity for development.

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The unity to ensure there is peace in the country has been paramount to the people and leaders of Morocco. Prominent citizens of the country have all expressed their joy for this very day as the celebration with all other Moroccans.

The likes of Belrhiti Zakari, an Academician at the Mohamed VI University of Health Science wrote ” Happy to celebrate the Independence of Morocco from the era of the protectorates, now, we need even more efforts in fighting post-colonialism”.

A brief history of Morocco’s Independence

Morocco officially gained independence on 2 March 1956, from the France rule but Morocco decided to make 18 November a day to celebrate Independence Day.

This change of date was to pay tribute to Sultan Mohammed V, Monarch of the Kingdom of Morocco at then.

Today has always been memorable and serves as a great day for the people of Morocco. As they prepare forwards for more success ahead in the coming years.