Washington DC, 1 July 2022 (TDI): USAID Global Health claimed on 30 June 2022 that conserving material by recycling the products helps to secure the environment.

This is because the usage of raw materials for producing the same products from the natural environment is reduced.

As a result, the environmental harmful impacts due to the exploitation of natural resources are minimized by recycling.

However, Malawi did a great job in recycling the material and engaging the private sectors in this process.

In Malawi, last year Malaria Initiated-Supported Spray Campaigns helped to protect thousands of people from the disease.

The spray-applied is where the mosquitoes rest. Project Management Institute (PMI) of Vector Link Project with the National Malaria Control Program adheres to strictly following the criteria that are necessary to secure nature and human health as well.

PMI minimizes the environmental impact by properly handling trash including plastic containers, storage boxes used other items.

It reduces the negative environmental effects of its yearly spray campaigns.

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The requirements for recycling apply to household waste that cannot be recycled and has not been exposed to insecticides or pesticides.

Selling goods made with recycled materials benefits the economy, preserves natural resources, and promotes employment growth in the sector.

Although material recycling is a difficult task in Malawi and waste management also remains a challenge there.

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However, few private sectors or companies are able and have licenses to recycle the material and work in the country.

Public-private partnerships were also established by the PMI Vector Link Project. The partnership is with three trustworthy waste recycles in Malawi.

They all have been licensed through the Department of International Affairs by the Malawi government.

An MOU was signed by the PMI Vector Link with these three private sectors. The MOU discussed how the waste is managed, handles, and recycled.

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With that PMI can donate qualifying garbage to be recycled into new goods, keeping it out of Malawian landfills.

Scratched face masks from spray workers have been repurposed into solvent bottles, washing buckets, and dish soap jars.

Furthermore, black plastic sheets are produced by the plastic of drinking beverages that spray workers drank.