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Mangoes exported from Pakistan to Russia


Islamabad, 22 August 2021 (TDI): FBR and Pakistan Customs sent White Chaunsa mangoes from Pakistan to Russia. Under the multilateral deal between Russia and Pakistan, new fruits and native products are sent to establish bilateral relations between the two states.

The exports of mangoes through International road transport will also facilitate the business and the merchants. In this regard, Abdul Razak Dawood, Pakistan’s PM helper appreciated and greeted the Sahiwal-based exporter. He stated that it was beneficial for Pakistan to export mangoes to Russia through the street under TIR. It would expand the business and new vistas through land routes. The export of mangoes would be expanded to other countries which include Japan and Australia.

Another fruit Kinnow (Mandarin Hybrid) would be exported to Russia which will reach in 10 days through the Tehran-Astara-Astra Khan route as compared to the ocean that can take up to a month.


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