Valletta, 12 January 2022 (TDI): The government of Malta is adopting a new smart specialization strategy to modernize and upgrade Malta’s National Research Innovation (R & I).

The Smart Specialization Index has identified six areas for smart specialization with potential for further research and innovation. These areas include smart manufacturing, future digital technologies, marine and maritime technologies, aerospace, health and welfare, and sustainable use of resources for climate change mitigation.

Research and innovation activities are slated to take place between 2021 and 2027. Owen Bonnici, the Minister of Equality, Research, and Innovation, said that the strategy ensures access to the research and innovation funding support needed to strengthen research within this field. The six areas identified ensure that continued investments are made in order to reach the desired goal.

He also said that strong governance is pivotal to the early success of the strategy and its effective implementation. Additionally, he added that all necessary actions and efforts have been taking place to ensure strong implementation.

“The Smart Specialization Strategy is a government pandemic that clearly addresses the need to guide government resources, policies, and industry cooperation to drive innovation to continuously strengthen a country’s economic momentum. It’s in line with the later vision.” said the Maltese government.

The smart specialization strategy is endorsed by Malta’s Ministry of Equality, Research, and Innovation with technical support from Malta’s Science and Technology Council. The strategy will also facilitate access to EU funding for research and innovation in key economic sectors.

Smart Specialization Strategy

Smart Specialization Strategy is an innovation policy designed to support regional prioritization in innovative sectors, fields, or technologies.