Malé, 29 December 2022 (TDI): The government of the Republic of Maldives led by Ibrahim Mohammed Solih lauded the People’s Republic of China on their decision to ease travel restrictions come January.

A press release from the government of China indicated that they will re-open the various restrictions areas to those with work and study visas, or seeking to visit families. The quarantine measures of the country will also be scraped off.

However, due to the risk of any other further outbreak, they have kept in place other measures to prevent any other such incidents, saying, travelers going to China will require a negative test result within 48 hours of departure.

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This development has been widely accepted by the government of the Maldives which has expressed its joy. The Maldives government has emphasized the huge negative impact this restriction brought to the economy, especially the tourism sector.

It looks forwards to the resumption of flights between the two countries shortly and is eagerly waiting to welcome back Chinese tourists to the Maldives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many economies and Maldives has been one of those that were hit hard, especially for their various sectors of the economy. China has been a great contributor to the Maldives’ economy.

The trade relations which has existed between these two countries have been described as a massive movement. Investors, stakeholders, and government personnel from each of these countries have been severely hit by the global pandemic.

The opening of many of the major airlines and borders will allow them to resume daily economic activities. It was estimated that both countries have lost a significant amount of foreign exchange due to the restriction.

Maldives has assured China that it will ensure that all the rules of the restrictions are obeyed. These times are supposed to be used to promote development and they are determined to do so.