Lilongwe, 10 March 2023 (TDI): Malawi is facing the deadliest cholera outbreak in its recorded history, which has killed more than 1400 and 45000 cases up till now.

The outbreak was officially declared on 3 March 2022, after the first case was reported in the Machinga district at the end of February 2022.


The United Nations (UN) on Tuesday said Malawi’s deadly cholera outbreak could worsen if Tropical Cyclone Freddy triggers further heavy rainfall in the south of the country.

Ministerial Meeting to address Cholera Disease

To address the Cholera disease, the Government of Malawi arranged a high-level emergency ministerial meeting in Lilongwe on 9 March.

The meeting has been attended by international organizations including UNICEF, WHO, and Africa CDC, bilateral and multilateral partners as well as ministers of health, water, and sanitation from 14 countries within the African region.

The support of the Africa Centers for Disease Control (Africa CDC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) provided essential response techniques to address and control the disease.

During the meeting, Africa CDC and WHO facilitated the establishment of the Africa Elimination of Cholera Epidemics Coordination Task Force.

Furthermore, The Africa CDC has also deployed a team of Public Health (PH) experts in IPC, Surveillance, and Labs in Malawi to support the ongoing response to the Cholera outbreak.

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Africa CDC Director, Ahmed Ogwell said during the meeting, “Let us make the outcomes of this emergency meeting be that difference that stops this cholera outbreak across the continent”

He also affirmed that the Africa CDC is committed to working closely with the Malawi Government and all other African Union to end the Cholera outbreak.

Director Ogwell also thanked the front-line workers for their tremendous efforts to end the Cholera disease.

Malawi’s Health Minister, Khumbize Chiponda added during the meeting, “As we live in a global village, the fight against cholera outbreak requires good collaboration and coordination among African member states.

Together we will win this war against cholera and other emerging and re-emerging diseases.”