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Luis Abinader second time sworn in as President of Dominica 


Santo Domingo, 21 May 2024 (TDI): Luis Abinader was sworn in for a second time as the President of Dominica on Sunday, clinching the victory in the first phase, according to preliminary results.

Luis Abinader decisively secured a wide enough margin to win the election without needing to go to a second round. With half of the voting centers reporting, the incumbent held 58.85 percent of the vote.

His closest rival, three-time former President Leonel Fernández, managed to secure only 27.25 percent, according to preliminary data from the electoral authority.

Luis Abinader won the election primarily due to the implementation of two key policies: addressing corruption to stabilize the economy and adopting stringent measures regarding migration from neighboring Haiti, according to many analysts.

For the implementation of policies, he took tough steps by deporting hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants from Haiti to their homeland.

Although the international agencies and powers forced the government to deal with migrants respectably and didn’t undermine the dignity, sanctity, and human rights violation.

In his victory speech, the re-elected head of State said that today our country shines with its light. He called for a country “without distinction, without sectarianism and party colors.

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The re-elected head of state has vowed to pursue constitutional reform to ensure that the continuity of power does not hinge on the personal whims of the incumbent president. Additionally, he has unequivocally stated that he will not seek re-election after completing his second term.

He emphatically stated that the message from the results is crystal clear: the changes we’ve made will be irreversible,” Abinader declared. “The best is yet to come in the Dominican Republic.”

The president’s Modern Revolutionary Movement was also expected to win a majority in the Dominican Republic’s congress, which would allow him to push through changes to the constitution. It also would allow him to further strengthen anti-corruption and economic agendas.

The United States Spokesperson Mathew Miller said “The United States applauds the people of the Dominican Republic for exercising their right to vote and congratulates President-elect Luis Abinader. We look forward to working with his administration to continue strengthening our vital partnership,” he added.

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