Monrovia, 14 May 2022 (TDI): Liberia is celebrating the country’s National Unification Day today. The National Unification Day is a national holiday that also has another name as the “Integration day”. This day marks Liberia’s Unification and Integration Policy, which aims at tackling political, social, and economic disparities in the country.

The national flag of the Republic of Liberia.
The Historical Significance

In Liberia’s national history, the country has once faced animosity between the Americo-Liberian elite and the indigenous majority. Moreover, this contradiction was the most pressing issue for the Liberian public. Accordingly, the country was badly devastated by two consecutive civil wars between 1989 and 2003 due to this social problem.

Thus, the unification and integration in Liberia have great significance to the nation and also its citizens. To cope with the historical conflict, successive presidents of Liberia have been making tremendous efforts. The most influential and pioneering success in history took place under the leadership of President William V. S. Tubman, who led from 1944 to 1971. During that period, the divide between these two groups was diminished.

Liberia’s President, William V. S. Tubman, led from 1944 to 1971.

To build a national identity, the Legislature of Liberia passed an Act in the 1959/1960 Session declaring the 14th Day of May of Each Year as National Unification Day of the Republic of Liberia. The day reminds Liberians to remember what they hold in common and not to dwell on how they diverge.

Liberian National Unification Day at Present

The development and continuity of Liberia’s National Unification Day are more and more coordinated with the modern and current situation.

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the former Liberian President issued a proclamation in 2009 in consonance with the Act passed in the 1959/1960 Session. The proclamation further emphasized that the Liberian government upholds the principles of justice, equality, and fair and equal opportunity for all, regardless of tribe or clan, sector, creed, or economic status, so that Liberians may unite as a unified whole. It’s worth noting that Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is also an outstanding social activist working on advocating for women.

Besides, President George Manneh Weah, the current Liberian President also declared a Presidential Proclamation in 2021 just like his predecessor. Furthermore, President George Weah especially highlighted that since the Unification and Integration Policy became an integrated part of the National Development Plan, the Nation has made great progress and improvement in all fields, particularly in the fields of economy, education, communication, and social life.

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