Warsaw, 7 December 2021 (TDI): Andris Pelss, State Secretary of the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, welcomed Alana Rose Hudson, New Zealand’s recently posted Ambassador to Latvia, on 6 December. This was an accreditation trip, and the Ambassador resides in Warsaw, Poland.

The conversation included New Zealand and Latvia’s bilateral cooperation as well as security policy topics, including the development of economic ties & exchange of high-level visits on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations.

 Andris Pelss highlighted the opportunities for cooperation within ICT sectors, and he suggested practical cooperation in the logistics and transportation fields. New Zealand officials were invited to visit Latvia in 2022.

The Ambassador, Alana Hudson, stressed that her posting began at the time when both the countries, New Zealand and Latvia, mark the 30th anniversary of their diplomatic relations.

Moreover, she expressed her satisfaction with the current cooperation between New Zealand and Latvia in international organizations that are based upon shared values and principles.

Ambassador Margers Krams, who is a non-resident Ambassador of Latvia to New Zealand, was awarded the credit. She expressed her confidence that this accreditation of Ambassador Margers will foster economic dialogue as well as the exchange of visits.

Andris said that we expect closer relations to develop with the Latvian diaspora after the accreditation of Ambassador Krams. According to statistics in Latvia, about 200 Latvian citizens reside in New Zealand. They live mainly in Christchurch, Oakland, and other locations in New Zealand.

New Zealand and Latvia Relations

New Zealand has a friendly relation with Latvia. As far as distance and geographical constraints permit, both countries strive to strengthen their political and economic ties.

Adding to this, Latvia was the first Baltic nation to join the World Trade Organisation. The country also joined the United Nations in September 1991. However, New Zealand regularly collaborates with Latvia via these forums.