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KSA Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns attack in Lahij


Riyadh, 30 August 2021 (PDI): The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs in an official statement strongly condemned the attack on Al Anad Military Base in the province of Lahij by the Houthis.

The ministry denounced the attack and condemned it. The attack resulted in a number of deaths and injuries. The ministry in the statement highlighted the solidarity of the Kingdom with the people of Yemen and their loss in the violent attack by Houthis.

They also affirmed the support of the Kingdom for the Yemeni people and the legitimate government of Yemen in getting a once for all resolution of the crisis in Yemen. The ministry also offered its condolences to victims of the attacks and the Yemeni government. The Kingdom also reaffirmed its stance on the end of the flow of weapons to the Houthis. It will prevent the proliferation of weapons inside Yemen.

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