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Kazakhstan’s Qaz Steppe Innovation Hub launches in Dubai


Astana, 4 March 2024 (TDI): The Qaz Steppe Innovation Hub opened at the pavilion of Kazakhstan’s trade house in Dubai on March 1, 2024. The Ministry of Trade and Integration reported the inauguration of this prominent Kazakh startup in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Enhancing cooperation and competitiveness

The pavilion is aimed at establishing a co-working center to boost the potential of the Kazakh IT industry. Trade and Integration Minister Arman Shakkaliyev noted that the hub will advance the Kazakh IT services sector to international markets. 

Additionally, he spotlighted that the hub would unite the interests of both countries’ business circles. In this way, both sides would effectively enhance cooperation. Moreover, the competitiveness of Kazakh IT companies would be significantly enhanced whose exports reached $500 million last year.

The platform played an effective role in helping 15 Kazakh startups present their projects in the Middle East market. It helped them discuss prospects for interaction with prominent companies such as EMAAR, Etisalat, Google, Microsoft, Mastercard, L’Oreal, and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. 

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Qaz Steppe Innovation Hub Co-Founder Timur Mauleshov emphasized that the UAE and Middle East markets will drive the export growth of high-tech solutions from Kazakhstan. Furthermore, he highlighted the ongoing boom in the technology sector of the UAE as a hub of opportunities.

He said that the technological boom has opened up new prospects for talented professionals and exciting startups in Kazakhstan. The platform is in direct alignment with President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s ambitious task to transform Kazhakstan into an IT hub.

Lastly, the Kazakhstan’s Qaz Steppe Innovation Hub Co-Founder spotlighted that the platform will provide new opportunities for Kazakh IT companies. They would be able to receive support in finding new partners and investors.

“We will create the most favorable environment for Kazakh startups to showcase their high potential in the fast-growing market of the UAE and the Middle East,” he said.

Natasha Matloob
Natasha Matloob
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