Amman, 4 June 2022 ( TDI): The Minister of Industry, Trade, and Supply of Jordan, Yousef Al – Shamali held a meeting through video communication with the Minister of Advanced Industries in the UAE, Dr. Sultan Al-Jaber, and the Minister of Industry and Trade in the Republic of Egypt, Nevin Jameh.

The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the necessary steps to activate the integrated industrial partnership between Jordan, the UAE, and Egypt.

The Ministers discussed the timeframe for implementing the initiatives and the creation of a mechanism for the governance of the partnership.

Likewise, they also deliberated on the tasks of the higher committee and the executive committee to ensure the partnership’s objectives.

The three counterparts talked about mechanisms for expanding the partnership by adding new members and accelerating economically feasible opportunities under the umbrella of the industrial sector in the three countries.

The main focus was on the importance of private sector participation and its important role in enabling the industrial partnership, which focuses on five sectors including agriculture, food, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, textiles, minerals, and petrochemicals.

According to the Emirati Industrial Minister, this partnership regionally and globally enhances the UAE’s industrial sector and enables industrial investors to access global markets.

Investors will benefit from the competitive advantages provided by the three countries, such as logistics, infrastructure, and the availability of raw materials.

These advantages can help to ensure robust supply chains, stimulate sustainable economic growth, and enhance value-added industries for the economies of the UAE, Egypt, and Jordan.

While the Industry Minister of Jordan stated that the three countries’ having set of resources and competitive advantages include raw materials, such as energy resources in the UAE, fertile agricultural lands in Egypt, and minerals in both Egypt and Jordan.

These countries also have strong capabilities in the pharmaceutical sector with the possibility to develop and expand their production capacity. They also have strong capabilities in the fields of aluminum, steel, and petrochemicals among others.

At the end of the meeting, the Ministers affirmed their keenness to speed up the procedures for implementing the partnership in a manner that serves the interests of the three brotherly countries.

Moreover, they emphasized contribution to strengthening economic cooperation among them and set a road map for the next phase as well as a mechanism for integrating and networking the private sector in the three countries.

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