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Jordan denounces Israeli aggression


Brussels, 28 May 2024 (TDI): Jordan denounces Israeli aggression, just before the European Union Foreign Affairs (FAC) Council meeting on the Gaza crisis scheduled today.

While calling for global action, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said that Israeli atrocities continue to jeopardize the rule of law.

Jordan’s Foreign Minister also expressed concern that the world is confronted with two choices today. It can either protect its values and norms or it can let the Israeli fanatics perpetrate atrocities against defenseless Palestinians.

“The extremist Israeli government undermines international law as a whole and puts the world before a real confrontation between protecting its values, principles, principles and laws, or allowing this extremist government to impose its barbarity on the entire region,” said Ayman Safadi.

Europe’s Recognition of Palestine

Furthermore, the Foreign Minister said that following European states’ recognition of Palestine, the Israeli leadership has reacted undemocratically. Such behavior is demonstrative of the fact that the Israeli government is incognizant of existing international laws and principles.

“We noticed that there is a positive change in European positions regarding the aggression, and regarding the necessity of moving effectively to resolve the conflict in its entirety. The challenge now is to translate positions into actions,” said the Foreign Minister.

Jordan’s Stance on Gaza

From the first day of the attack on Gaza, Jordan has maintained an unequivocal position. Additionally, under the direction of King Abdullah II, Jordan has been making an effort to help Palestinians by putting an end to Israeli aggression.

Moreover, Jordan has been actively partaking in exposing the Israeli propaganda regarding the actual events.

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Before the EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting, Ayman Safadi condemned Israel for having eliminated all possible pathways for peace. He added that the Gaza conflict could be traced back to decades ago in history and did not take root from the October 7 crisis.


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