Brussels, 22 February 2023 (TDI): Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Sweden to the European Union (EU), Lars Danielsson signed an agreement between Japan and the EU.

The agreement will provide EU’s air carriers an open and evenhanded access to routes between the EU and Japan.

The aviation safety agreement has been pronounced to reinforce and strengthen the bilateral relations between Japan and EU states. A level playing field has been rolled out for EU carriers to have open and fair competition.

Swedish Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, Andreas Carlson called the agreement a milestone in setting EU external aviation policy.

The EU carriers will further have a right to the establishment. The move will allow aligning of the bilateral agreement of member states with the union law, advancing the EU’s cooperation with Japan.

The agreement is being dubbed a landmark because it supersedes any clause that infringes union law. Traditionally, the international aviation relations between the EU and third countries are governed by bilateral air services agreements.

Certain clauses violate union laws. The infringement of laws allows third counties to reject or suspend the authorization of any air carrier appointed by the EU member state.

However, the new agreement will provide a right of establishment to EU air carriers and will bring the bilateral agreement in line with union laws. The agreement has been signed by both parties and is sent to the European Parliament for assent.

Following the assent, both countries will be notified confirming the completion of the internal procedure. The agreement is set to enter into force on the first of next month.