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Italy urges political and diplomatic solution for Gaza


Italy, 24 November 2023 (TDI): The foreign minister of Italy, Antonio Tajanihas urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to use the four-day pause in hostilities in Gaza to consider the region’s political future, once the active phase of the conflict is over.

Antonio Tajani told the Israeli government needed to talk to its closest allies on the next steps, saying: “Israel must dismantle the military and terror structures, but it must already think about the aftermath.

Tajani raised questions about the governance of Gaza, the well-being of the 2 million Palestinian citizens, and the resumption of Israel’s political involvement with Arab nations in the region.

In addition, he expressed that Italy was working together with friendly Arab countries, starting with Egypt, to explore “a possible political and diplomatic solution to move beyond this military phase.”

Tajani suggested the establishment of a “UN administration” that must be considered by international peacekeepers to oversee Gaza for a number of years following the conclusion of the war. This would provide an opportunity to pursue a permanent political resolution to the long-standing conflict.

Hamas wants all the Arab countries against Israel,” he said. We need to achieve a solution for the Palestinians to have all the Arab countries against Hamas. The final goal is two peoples, two states but we need to pave the way for reaching this agreement.

We are ready to do what we need to do for peace. Our goal is peace but for this we need time. First, we need to stop the war.”

He emphasized Israel’s need to prioritize international law, differentiate between Hamas and Palestinian civilians, and protect civilian lives. These actions would benefit Israel’s long-term security. He stressed the importance of considering civilians and complying with international law. Using hospitals for militant activities is also a crime.

I support Israel’s right to exist, especially considering the historical context of the Holocaust. However, it is crucial for Israel to respond proportionately to gain public support. The focus should be on targeting Hamas, not the entire Palestinian population.

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The killing of Palestinians by Israeli settlers has been referred to as “settler terrorism” by the European Commission. It is disheartening that almost 200 people had killed by Israeli forces in the West Bank, highlighting the need for a more measured approach to prevent further loss of life.

Zubair Mumtaz
Zubair Mumtaz
Zubair Mumtaz is an M.Phil scholar, A dedicated researcher, and writer, specializing in Conflict Management and Resolution. Committed to fostering peace through insightful analysis and effective communication. Eager to contribute expertise to promote understanding and cooperation on the international stage. The writer can be reached at zubairfhm786@gmail.com

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