Nairobi, 12 July 2022 (TDI): Islamic Relief UK has reported that East Africa has faced one of the worst droughts of the decade due to poor rainfall.

The fourth season of failed rains increased food and water prices. Due to the drought, many people are only able to pay the bare necessities.

The disastrous effects of drought have affected the whole populations of East Africa. Countries such as Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia are among the countries hit by the worst drought in recent history.

As a result, 15 million people are facing a shortage of food and 5 million children are suffering from malnutrition. Families are taking extreme measures to stay alive.

Many people have lost their means of survival and income due to the effects of the drought.

In addition, women and girls travel long distances to get functional water sources. In light of this, the drought has put them in danger of violence and sexual assault.

Drought-stricken East Africa

In Somalia, 90% of the population has been struck by the drought. Many people have left their homes in search of food and water despite encountering a variety of challenges.

These include gender-based violence, lack of shelter and health issues due to a lack of access to sanitation and hygiene services.

Furthermore, the social and economic effects of COVID-19, climate shocks, and prolonged conflicts in the region have added fuel to these challenges.

The situation in Ethiopia remains critical due to restricted access in the region. The number of individuals impacted, however, still remains unknown.

Currently, food shortages are affecting more than 5 million people in the region. Almost 400,000 people are suffering from a severe hunger crisis.

In Kenya, countless disadvantaged people are currently suffering from one of their worst droughts in decades. The country’s escalating drought crisis has been a severe blow to them.

Moreover, drought has also ravaged the agriculture production in East Africa. Millions of people, especially farmers, have been left in dire condition.

Additionally, 1.4 million livestock have died due to the drought. This has decreased milk production by more than 50%.

Islamic Relief assistance

Islamic Relief has provided assistance in the form of food, water, and shelter on the ground. However, the contribution is needed to aid the tens of thousands of people who are struggling to survive in the drought.

Therefore, Islamic Relief has called for help to provide urgent assistance for East Africa.