Astana, 13 October 2022 (TDI): Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies and the Eurasian International Studies Association signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Astana today. Asif Noor, Director of IPDS, and Kairat Batyrbayev, Executive Director of Eurasian International Studies Association, signed the agreement. Dr. Akbota Zholdasbekova,  Professor and Vice-Rector, Eurasian National University at Eurasian National University, Kazakhstan, was also present.

IPDS and EAIS signed this agreement to cooperate in the field of international relations, the realization of publishing activities, and the holding of scientific and practical events to consolidate joint actions further and expand partnerships.

Both sides have also agreed to provide each other with scientific and practical assistance, information exchange, participation in research projects, and different types of joint activities. IPDS and EISA will carry out joint research activities on topical issues of international relations.


Both organizations will offer consulting services, including research projects on issues of interest. Apart from the research activities, there will be an exchange of information of a political and socio-economic nature.

The MoU will strive to boost research and academic exchanges to enhance and facilitate collaboration between the academic, and social sciences faculties of the two institutes. It will enable the two sides to create a lucrative environment for education and research exchange at the national and international levels.

Moreover, the Center will inculcate bilateral cooperation in Knowledge Sharing, Research-and-Development, and Capacity Building in the domains of Social Sciences, International Relations (IR), and Diplomacy for the mutual benefit of both organizations.

Eurasian Association of International Studies (EAIS) – a public, non-profit organization which aims to support democratic reforms and the integration of Kazakhstan into the world community – was held on the walls of the Eurasian National University. The Association aims to provide a platform for the exchange of views of the expert community of Kazakhstan and foreign countries’ implementation of basic and applied research projects in the field of international relations and regional and global security.

The Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies (IPDS) is a Pakistani institute based in Islamabad. It was established in June 2014 and is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit Research, Advocacy, and Public Diplomacy Think and Tank.  IPDS aims to strengthen Pakistan’s efficacious role in global diplomacy through innovative and visionary research, dialogues series, education modules, effectual advocacy, consultancy services, well-built & knitted public diplomacy initiatives, and engagements in the thematic dimensions of Peace and Diplomatic Studies.


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