Islamabad, 28 May 2022  (TDI): The Federal Minister Murtaza Abbasi, Pakistani officials,  Ambassadors of different countries, and the Ambassador of Azerbaijan, Khazar Farhadov celebrated the 104th Independence Day of Azerbaijan.

The Embassy of Azerbaijan hosted the independence day of Azerbaijan in Islamabad and the Federal Minister of Pakistan, Murtaza Abbasi was there as a chief guest to celebrate it.

Murtaza Abbasi, as a member of the government of Pakistan, stated that they need to strengthen the bilateral ties with Azerbaijan.

The Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Pakistan, Khazar Farhadov spoke about the significance of the national day of Azerbaijan.

He reiterated his desire to further enhance the multifacet relations between Azerbaijan and Pakistan.

Khazar Farhadov along with the other officials of the embassy of Azerbaijan to Pakistan received the guests and a special cake-cutting ceremony also took place.

Azerbaijan and Pakistan Bilateral Ties

Azerbaijan is an important South Caucasus country and a long-standing ally and partner of Pakistan.

As well as, the two nations share an outstanding relationship founded on shared historical, religious, and cultural ties.

Both nations have worked closely on matters of mutual concern in regional and international forums.

Further, As a member of the OIC Contact Group on Jammu and Kashmir, Azerbaijan has always supported the right and legitimate struggle of the Kashmiri people.


The Republic Day is Azerbaijan’s national holiday, also known as the “Azerbaijan national identity rebuilding day.”

On May 28th, it celebrates the establishment of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan (ADR) which was done in 1918.

Following the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, Azerbaijanis declared their independence once more.

28 May As independence Day

This year, for the first time, the Government of Azerbaijan declared it the independence Day rather than the Republic Day.

In this context, last year, a new ‘On Independence Day’ measure was enacted by the Milli Majilis (Parliament) on October 15.

May 28 – Republic Day – and October 18 – State Independence Day – were renamed as a result of their approval.

On 28 May, Azerbaijan celebrates Independence Day and on 18 October, Restoration of Independence Day is celebrated.

The government of Azerbaijan reaffirms that the twentieth century will not just be remembered as a century of science and technology.

But, also as a century of national awakening, peoples’ freedom from colonialism, and the establishment of sovereign states.

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