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ILO celebrates World Maritime Day


Geneva, 30 September 2021 (TDI): On World Maritime Day, ILO shared the problems that seafarers are facing. On its Twitter account, they shared that around 80% of world trade is transported by sea but during pandemics, seafarers are facing unprecedented hardships. So on this day, ILO reminds the importance of ensuring decent work for seafarers globally.

This day is celebrated every September’s last Thursday. The main purpose is to acknowledge and underline the significance of maritime industry, safety, security, shipping, and environment. ILO pays tribute to all seafarers for playing a vital role in ensuring smooth sailing for world trade. They kept the logistics supply chain intact during the COVID’19 pandemic through their resilience and constant efforts.

This day is usually celebrated to acknowledge seafarer’s efforts. They all play a vital role in our daily lives without getting any acknowledgment by the people so this day is a chance to raise awareness of seafarers’ crucial role and increase their visibility. A number of tweets were shared on this occasion to urge the international society to step up and collaborate to deliver practical solutions for the seafarers. They focus on maritime professionals and also their role at the core of shipping’s future.

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