Tegucigalpa, 15 September 2023 (TDI): Honduras Independence Day, commemorated on September 15, celebrates the nation’s 202nd year of freedom. This significant day recognizes Honduras’ liberation from Spanish rule, a journey that began with a significant event in Guatemala City back in 1821.

Honduras – Independence and Resilience

In 1821, a crucial event occurred in Guatemala City when a regional congress ratified “The Act of Independence of Central America.”

In contrast to some other countries, Honduras achieved its independence without the need for armed conflicts; instead, it briefly joined the First Mexican Empire before establishing its independence.

Honduras made its declaration of independence concurrently with Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, highlighting their united determination for freedom and their resistance against Spanish rule.

Following its peaceful path to independence, Honduras encountered social and political obstacles as a newly formed republic. Despite these challenges, the nation has consistently demonstrated resilience in its pursuit of stability and progress.

Honduran President Calls for Unity on Independence Day

Honduras is celebrating its Independence Day, and President Xiomara Castro delivered a speech at the National Stadium in Tegucigalpa. She expressed her commitment to ending coups and combating “narco-dictators.”

President Castro also emphasized the need for dialogue and consensus within the National Congress, particularly in selecting leaders for the Public Ministry to fight corruption and impunity.

Xiomara Castro delivering an Independence Day Speech.

She called on the Honduran people to stay united and organized in this process, highlighting its significance in choosing the new attorney general and deputy attorney general for the 2023-2028 term.    

Honduras’ 202nd Independence Day Celebrations

Honduras celebrated its 202nd independence anniversary with various events across the country. The celebration took place at the Chelato Uclés National Stadium in Tegucigalpa, the capital, where 15 Honduran paratroopers, including 13 men and two women, captivated the audience.

Civility and Patriotism Shine Across Honduras on its 202nd Independence Anniversary.

School palillonas from Tegucigalpa and other regions also played a significant role in the celebrations, drawing the attention of citizens attending parades.

The Juan Pablo Christian Technological Institute’s palillonas received applause for their impressive performance.

Civility and patriotism were on display in multiple departments of the country during the commemoration.

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President Xiomara Castro led the commemorations with a simple ceremony at the statue of Francisco Morazán, a national hero, in the center of Tegucigalpa.

She shouted slogans like “Long live Honduras. Long live the Republic!” and “Long live independence!” after the Act of Independence of Central America from September 15, 1821, was read by the mayor of Tegucigalpa, Jorge Aldana.

President Castro paid her respects by placing a wreath at Morazán’s statue. The ceremony featured the Honduran national anthem and the Central American anthem “La Granadera.” High-ranking officials, educational authorities, and cadets from the Academy Francisco Morazán were also present.

Airshow Takes Flight in Celebration of Honduras’ Independence Day

Simultaneously, at the Peace Monument, the Honduran flag was raised, and artillery pieces were fired in a military ceremony, symbolizing the 21 cannon shots fired on September 15, 1821, marking Honduras’ independence.

Following the ceremony in the Central Plaza, President Castro attended a parade at the José de la Paz Herrera National Stadium, featuring students from secondary schools and other public and private institutions. The celebrations showcased the pride and unity of the Honduran people on this historic day.

Global Felicitations on Honduras’ Independence Day

Honduras received warm congratulations on its Independence Day from countries around the world, including Pakistan, Kosovo, Turkey, and many others.

The Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan, Raja Pervez Ashraf, warmly congratulated the Government, Parliament, and People of Honduras on their Independence Day.

The Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs extended warm wishes to Honduras as they celebrated their Independence Day. They also expressed their commitment to strengthening the ties between both countries, which are rooted in shared values.