Higher Education Commission of Pakistan

Islamabad, 26 October 2021 (TDI): The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC), in collaboration with French counterparts, has invited research proposals to be submitted by faculty members of Pakistani public and private sector universities, for funding under the Pak-France PERIDOT Research Programme.

PERIDOT is the Franco-Pakistani Hubert Curien Partnership Programme (PHC) which provides opportunities for French-Pakistani researchers to perform joint research activities.

Therefore, HEC and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI) are jointly implementing the program in France and Pakistan.

The Official Sources from Research and Development Division HEC shared the details of main project features and showed that grants are available for 5 years while the maximum duration of a project is three years.

According to sources, “The aim of this programme is to develop new scientific and technological cooperation between French and Pakistani higher education institutions/research laboratories by supporting the mobility of researchers from both sides.”

Priority Areas of the project are Agricultural Productivity and Food Security; Nutrition and Health Sciences; Sustainable Energy; Innovative Governance and Reforms.

Each eligible member of the Pakistani faculty must submit an approved research proposal with a French counterpart. Moreover, the proposal submission deadline is Friday, December 24, 2021, sources added.