The Hague, 31 May 2022 (TDI): The Hague Justice Week started on Monday, 30th of May, and will continue till the 3rd of June. It took a start with an event on the challenges in reporting justice.

The Hague Justice Week 2022 theme ‘Just speak!’ refers to the right to express oneself and also building communities in which justice will prevail.

Thereby, as global peace and justice require global collaboration, actors from all levels join together during The Hague Justice Week.

Being inclusive and high-quality, it is a space built for meaningful exchange uniting practitioners, policymakers, researchers, students, and individuals from all sectors.

In the same way, they also interact and try to determine answers in relation to global challenges through the scope of justice.

Above all, discussions are focused on global challenges such as anti-corruption, equal rights, and access to justice.

Hague Project Peace and Justice

This is an independent network supported namely by 180 Hague-based international organizations, knowledge institutions, civil society groups, and companies. All of which work towards a secure, peaceful, just world.

Similarly, the project is a mutual initiative by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the International city of The Hague. Thus, in consolidating the Hague’s reputation abroad as the global Center of Excellence for Peace and Justice.

By combining knowledge and experiences, ‘Peace and Justice’ are regarded to stand for expertise, knowledge, and experience in the areas of the national and international legal order.

This includes building up national legal order in fragile states to prevent conflict and, alternatively, promote peace.

Due to the world becoming more international, additional actors are engaged and increasingly interdependent.

For this reason, the need for rules governing their interaction is growing. To conceive these rules, expertise in the areas of the national and international legal order is required. Together with an authoritative source of knowledge on Peace and Justice encompassing security issues.

The effectiveness of the program is focused on engaging dialogues on various perspectives of justice and peace. That is, with a view to listening as well as exchanging ideas and knowledge.

It results in contributing to a balanced view of decision-makers and influencers concerning peace and justice conflicts and resolutions. Also, setting peace and justice in motion.

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