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Green Climate Agreement between Thailand & Sweden


Increasing climate resilience in Thailand by operative Green Climate Fund

Bangkok, 12 October 2021 (TDI): In Thailand due to climate change there is prediction of heavy rain, this will increase risk of severe floods. Subsequently, risk of drought will rise by the pressure of supplied water on crops. This is because of increasing temperature.

So in wet season there is risk of intense flooding and in dry season there is risk of drought. Resultantly there is need of innovative approaches for best allocation of available water and management of flood within the basin.

The purpose of current agreement is to improve water management, food security and inhabitants of agriculture livelihoods. This project’s aim is to improve water management by incorporating ecosystem based adaptation, traditional infrastructure that is used for flood control and climate informed arrangement.

Sweden is great supporter of Green Climate Fund (GCF). Ambassador of Sweden in Thailand Jon Astrom Grondahal express his happiness for engaging Thailand in GCF for the enhancement of hardiness against climate changes.

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