Tbilisi, 31 December 2022 (TDI): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, led by Ilia Darchiashvili with the Ambassador of Georgia to Japan, Teimuraz Lezhava met with the representative of Japan to Georgia, Takehide Harada as they celebrated their bilateral relations.

The meeting which took place at the Foreign Ministry was followed by several activities. Besides the celebration, they also looked at the various ways to promote development in their countries.

The Foreign Ministry tweeted stating, ” Our team and a great friend of Georgia from Japan, Takehide Harada raising a toast for our countries” continuing that ” We highly appreciate an amazing job Harada is doing for promoting Georgia in his homeland! Grateful to the Georgia Ambassador.”

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Also, the ability of both countries to assist each other in development was much of important to them. Japan and Georgia have been great contributors to economic development in the region.

Both countries have consistently exhibited some form of bilateral relations. The Japanese government has promoted certain great initiatives for the people of Georgia as they live in the country.

Speaking of the unity among them, the parties talked about ways these countries can continue to promote unity among themselves. This came when Takehide Harada applauded the Georgia government for all they have been doing to promote unity in the region.

The government of Georgia and the Foreign Ministry has partnered with Japan on several projects which have lifted the name of the country higher. The projects on infrastructural development, human resource development, and many others have been the major issues of need between these countries.

In response to the appreciation of the Representative of Japan to Georgia, the Foreign Ministry of Georgia congratulated her for the work she has done to promote these relations.

Georgia-Japan relations

It is pertinent to note that, Georgia and Japan have had long-standing relations both cultural, bilateral, and diplomatic.