New York, 21 September 2022 (TDI): The Future Digital Cooperation event is happening today online as a part of the 77th UNGA. This digital moment will highlight the pioneering initiatives and leaders that are leading toward a new era of country-led digital cooperation.

The theme of this event is to build safe, trusted, and inclusive Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI). It aims at opening Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) for the global good.

The event will circulate around the topic of building DPI for global resilience and economic transformation.

The world leaders will discuss the global digital misinformation crisis and the need for digital tools to counter that issue. They will be talking about mobilizing financing for inclusive DPI and immediate action plans.

Digital Public Infrastructure

Inclusive DPI transformed service delivery, education, cash transfer, and other spheres of life in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The last decade has seen a peak in the digitalization of public and private sector services.

Digital Public Goods have become an essential part of the modern lifestyle. But they can also prove to be dangerous in terms of privacy breaches and spreading false information. They can also cause identity theft and fraud

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This event will highlight the need for a safe, secure, and inclusive DPI. For example, UNDP’s application “iVerify” is one of those digital tools which transformed the information domain.

iVerify is an automated fact-checking tool. It is one of the world’s first digital tools for preventing and mitigating misinformation and hate speech. The UNDP Chief Digital Office and the UNDP Brussels-based Task Force on Electoral Assistance support iVerify.

The 77th UNGA has an innovative motto of “Solutions through Solidarity, Sustainability, and Science”. Today’s event will foster this motto aimed to transform the world through digital cooperation.