Global, 4 August 2022 (TDI): Friends of BRI Forum, a global network of friends and allies from BRI Countries, have issued a statement on the recent visit of the Speaker of the House of Congress, Nancy Pelosi.

Friends of BRI Forum and its members share concerns about a US high official’s provocative visits to China’s Taiwan region. This visit might create challenges for regional and global peace and stability.  This is a violation of the international agreements and the bilateral agreements between China and the US. The US and international community accept the one-China policy

Friends of the BRI Forum also believe that such provocation violates the UN Charter and UN agreements as a one-China principle widely recognized and accepted by the international community but also challenges regional peace, stability, and security.

It is reaffirmed that the strong commitment to a one-China policy firmly supports all countries’ sovereignty and territorial integrity. Friends of BRI Forum are deeply concerned with the evolving situation in the region, which may have serious strategic and military implications that may result in instability in the region.

Friends of BRI forum stress to the world and the US that as the world is facing a volatile situation due to the Ukraine conflict and its resulting implications on global food and energy security, any unsolicited provocation will not augment well for the world.

Friends of the BRI Forum also stress that the global community must play an important part in maintaining peace and stability. Now humanity cannot afford another crisis that provokes consequences for global peace, security, and economy.

The international community must support and respect the territorial sovereignty and integrity of the other states and follow international law.

Friends of BRI Forum also share that there should be a sense of restraint and caution from both sides to avoid any conflict or clash.

The best trust of humanity should be taken into consideration.

Friends of BRI Forum affirm support for the Chinese government and people in respecting and safeguarding the national sovereignty and territorial integrity and support the One China policy.

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