Riyadh, 6 December 2021 (TDI): French President Emmanuel Macron visited Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Saturday to discuss the bilateral cooperation and telephonic call held with Lebanon Prime Minister Najib Mikati, on the 4th of December.

France to resolve conflicts of Saudi Arab with Lebanon
Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammad Bin Salman with French President, Emmanuel Macron, in Jeddah

A three-way phone call of France President, Emmanuel Macron, and Muhammad Bin Salman, Saudi Crown Prince, with Najib Mikati, Lebanon Prime Minister held during the French Minister’s visit to Saudi Arabia on Saturday.

Emmanuel Macron told reporters that Saudi Arabs had made and expressed their financial commitments to Lebanon in the short term.

He said via Twitter that “With Saudi Arabia, we have made commitments for Lebanon: to work together, to support reforms, to enable the country to emerge from the crisis and to preserve its sovereignty.”

How conflict escalated?

In October, Lebanon Information Minister, George Kordahi, criticized and commented on Saudi Arabia’s role in the Yemen war in television comments. He said the war was ineffectual and to add up in Saudi-led coalition aggressive act.

This provoked the Diplomatic crisis, and Saudi Arab called back its ambassador from Lebanon. Saudi Arabia forbade all imports, which were an economic collapse, from Lebanon.

Najib Mikati, Lebanon’s Prime Minister, respond quickly by saying, he “regretted” the Saudi decision.”We are deeply sorry for the kingdom’s decision and hope that it will reconsider. As for us, we will continue to work to solve what needs to be solved,” he said.

However, Kordahi resigned and stepped down on Friday to help in settling Diplomatic relations. Riyadh is also not satisfied with the Hezbollah militia, many western states declared it as a terrorist organization, involvement in Lebanon. It plays an important role in Lebanese politics that is being supported by Iran.

Concluding remarks by Macron

Macron spoke to reporters before leaving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He said, “We want to commit ourselves to support the Lebanese people and therefore do everything possible to ensure that trade and economic reopening can take place.”

“We also want the Lebanese government to work in a normal way and therefore to meet as soon as possible, and to carry out useful reforms,” he said.

The signing of a slew agreement

Saudi and French leading companies undersigned the 27 memorandums of understanding which will strengthen the cultural relation. The agreements related to economic cooperation were held between two states on the 4th of December.

CEO of the Saudi Space Commission, Dr. Mohammed bin Saud Al-Tamimi and, CEO of the French National Center for Space Studies, Philippe Baptiste signed a cooperation agreement on the peaceful use of outer space. The purpose of the agreement is to provide a structure for utilizing space peacefully for cooperation.

France will assist with an amount of $810 billion Saudi Arabia in prospering its tourism to attract investments. Saudi Arabia is looking forward to having new investment opportunities with a cost of $6 trillion by 2030.

Macron talk over Iran resuscitated

Macron’s discussion also concentrated on the talks regarding Iran’s nuclear deal with world powers and France’s assists as France, Germany, and the United Kingdom have signed the 2015 nuclear agreement.

Both states articulated their concern towards the Iranian nuclear program development absence of cooperation and transparency with the International Atomic Energy Agency.
France expressed its concern to restrict Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. They agreed on resisting destabilizing activities of Iran in the region, including the use and transfer of drones and ballistic missiles that led to attacks on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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