Kyiv, 1 June 2022 (TDI): The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine collaborates with an Estonian coding school to launch scholarships for Ukrainian women.

The step will help Ukrainian women to master the skills of information technology. Koodjõhvi is a free modern 2-year coding school in Estonia for entering the world of technology.

In order to apply to the school, there is a requirement of open-mindedness, motivation, and commitment to a 2-year study program.

In addition, one must be at 18 years of age and already completed basic education, that is, 9 grades in Estonia. The 2-year program at the unique coding school is based on independent and project-based learning.

Estonia and Ukraine relations

Both countries have firm diplomatic ties, and Estonia continues displaying support for Ukraine. The countries primarily cooperate on security, rehabilitative medicine, and propaganda countermeasures.

In the past, Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pavlo Klimkin, officially visited Estonia and during the visit, he held meetings with the President of Estonia, the Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the Speaker of the Estonian Parliament.

On his second visit, he also had a meeting with the Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sven Mikser.

Currently, during the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the Foreign Minister of Estonia, Eva-Maria Liimets declared that Estonia will assist war-torn Ukraine in rebuilding the Zhytomyr fortress.

In addition to this, Estonia has supplied military assistance to war-torn Ukraine in its fight against the Russian invasion that began on February 24.

Earlier this month, Ukraine’s Armed Forces received a shipment of lethal weaponry, that included 122mm howitzers.

Additionally, in coordination with government organizations and the Estonian Armed Forces, military helmets, armored vests, communication devices, drones, night vision devices, and medical supplies were all transported to Ukraine.

Thus, in partnership with government agencies as well as the Estonian Armed Forces, the Ukrainian forces have had some success in advancing towards the coastal areas whereby Russian forces have taken defensive positions.

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